Masterlist of members as of March 15, 2024


Basi sa Board Res No. 80 S. 2022 nga aprobado sa National Electrification Administration (NEA), adunay ipahigayon nga eleksyon alang sa pagka Director sa SURNECO sa musunod nga mga distrito:

👉 Distrito I, II & VII Disyembre 3, 2022, Adlawn’g Sabado (Surigao City, San Francisco ug Malimono)
👉 Distrito III & IV Disyembre 10, 2022, Adlawn’g Sabado (Sison, Tagana-an, Tubod, Mainit ug Alegria)
👉 Distrito V & VI Disyembre 17, 2022, Adlawn’g Sabado (Gigaquit, Claver, Placer ug Bacuag)

Sa mga interesadong modagan pagka-diriktor, ang katapusang adlaw sa pagsang-at sa “Certificate of Candidacy” mao kining mosunod nga mga petsa:

📌 Distrito I, II & VII - Nobyembre 18, 2022
📌 Distrito III & IV - Nobyembre 25, 2022
📌 Distrito V & VI - Disyembre 2, 2022

Ang makaboto mao lamang kadtong nahimong miembro hangtud niadtong Septyembre 15, 2022 sa nahisgutang mga distrito. Dugang pa, ang katapusang adlaw usab sa “Inclusion/ Exclusion” period aron sa pag-verify ug pag-apila sa listahan sa mga kwalipikadong botante, mao kining musunod:

📌 Distrito I, II & VII - Nobyembre 14, 2022
📌 Distrito III & IV - Nobyembre 21, 2022
📌 Distrito V & VI - Nobyembre 28, 2022

Ang “Masterlist of Qualified Voters” makita sa Barangay Halls nan matag barangay, Municipal Halls, SURNECO Sub-Area offices.

Gi-awhag ang tanan sa pagsalmot sa maong piniliay, kay ang pagpili o pagpapili dili lamang atong katungod, kon dili kini atong responsibilidad isip miembro/konsumante/tag-iya sa atong kooperatiba sa SURNECO.

Alang sa inyong kasayuran.

Daghang salamat.

for SURNECO Board of Directors

Qualifications of a Director and Officer-Pursuant to Section 26-B of PD 269, as amended by R.A. 10531, a candidate’s integrity, experience, education, competence and probity shall be considered in determining (whether the qualifications of a candidate, if he/she shall be fit and proper to become) a director or an officer of the EC. The following shall be the qualifications, thus:
1. He or she is a Filipino Citizen;
2. He or she is a graduate of a four (4)-year course;
3. He or she should at least be twenty-one (21) years old and not over seventy (70) years old on the date of election;
4. He or she is of good moral character; which may be established with the submission of a clearance or certificate from any of the following:
  a. Barangay where the candidate resides;
  b. National Bureau of Investigation;
  c. Philippine National Police; or
  d. Leader of the religious sect where the candidate is affiliated.
5. He or she is a member of the Electric Cooperative (EC) in good standing for the last five (5) years immediately preceding the election or appointment and shall continue to be a member in good standing during his or her incumbency;
A member in good standing shall mean that said member has no unsettled or outstanding obligations to the EC whether personal or through commercial or industrial connections of which he or she is the owner/ co-owner three (3) months prior to the time of filing of the certificate of candidacy: Provided, that for incumbent members of the EC Board who will seek re-election, unsettled or outstanding obligation shall be deemed to include power bills, cash advance, disallowances (including NEA audit findings) and materials and equipment issuances reckoned from the time of filing of certificate of candidacy.
6. He or she has not been apprehended for electric pilferage;
7. He or she has not been removed for cause as director or an employee from any EC;
8. He or she is an actual resident and consumer in the district that he/she seeks to represent for at least two (2) years immediately preceding the election;
9. He or she has attended at least two (2) Annual General Membership Assemblies for the last five (5) years immediately preceding the election or appointment. In case of joint membership, the one seeking for election for BOD should have actually attended two (2) AGMAs within five (5) years.
10. For a qualified government employee, he/she must present a written Certification from his/her Department Secretary/ Regional Director/ Local Chief Executive or his duly authorized representative allowing him/her to run and sit as director at the time of his/her filing of Certificate of Candidacy;
Disqualifications of a Director and Officer - Pursuant to Section 26-B of PD 269, as amended by R.A. 10531, any person shall be ineligible to be elected or be appointed as member of the Board of Directors or officers of an EC if:
1. Such person or his/her spouse holds any public office. For the purpose of disqualification, a person holding an elective position or an appointive position with a salary grade of sixteen (SG 16) or higher or its equivalent shall not be eligible to be elected as member of the Board of Directors or Officers of an EC;
2. Such person or his/her spouse has been a candidate in the last preceding local or national elections;
3. Such person has been convicted by final judgment of a crime involving moral turpitude;
4. Such person has been terminated from public office/government employment or private employment for just cause as defined in Article 282 of the Labor Code;
5. Such person is related within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity to any member of the EC Board of Directors, General Manager, Department Manager, NEA-appointed Project Supervisor (PS) or Acting General Manager (AGM) and its equivalent or higher position;
6. Such person is employed by or has financial interest in a competing enterprise or a business selling electric energy or electrical hardware to the cooperative or doing business with the EC including, but not limited to, the use or rental of poles;
7. Incumbent GM and employees of electric cooperatives are not allowed to run as member of the board of another cooperative; and
8. The disqualification of one of the spouse shall mean the disqualification of the other

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